About the Program

What is a dual credit?

Dual credits allow secondary students to “take a free ride” to college!

Students participate in apprenticeship training or postsecondary courses that count towards both their secondary school diploma and their postsecondary diploma or apprenticeship certification at no cost.

The dual credit program is intended to encourage secondary school students to complete their secondary school education and to consider continuing on to postsecondary education. The program provides opportunities to explore career prospects; and it ensures a successful transition to college and apprenticeship programs.

Students must apply and be accepted into the program based on specific criteria (primary target group, SHSM, OYAP).

Benefits of taking a dual credit course

  • Experiencing the college atmosphere
  • Gaining free college credits
  • Access to free transportation
  • Free textbooks and supplies provided on a lending program
  • Exploring career options at the college level

Role of a dual credit teacher

While at Cambrian College as a dual credit student, you will be monitored and supported by a dual credit teacher. They will interact and communicate with you, your teachers, and your college professors to ensure your success. Your dual credit teacher will also help you adjust to the college learning environment, access college resources and support, and be your go-to throughout the semester.

Your dual credit teacher with liaise regularly with the coordinator of dual credits at the College as well as the school board staff affiliated with the program. They will also communicate with your home school regarding your grades and address any concerns at mid-term reporting and throughout the semester.

Student expectations

  • Attend dual credit classes as scheduled
  • Maintain marks representative of your ability
  • Submit all assignments on time
  • Demonstrate appropriate conduct that portrays a positive image of yourself
  • Demonstrate behavior and maturity consistent with a college learning environment
  • Meet the expectations of your course as outlined by your dual credit instructor, being sure to bring necessary items to class (e.g. books, pens, pencils, personal protective equipment)
  • Follow instructions established by faculty and management within designated shop areas to ensure your health and safety