Policies and Procedures

Student expectations

  • Attend dual credit classes as scheduled
  • Maintain marks representative of your ability
  • Submit all assignments on time
  • Demonstrate appropriate conduct that portrays a positive image of yourself
  • Demonstrate behavior and maturity consistent with a college learning environment
  • Meet the expectations of your course as outlined by your dual credit instructor, being sure to bring necessary items to class (e.g. books, pens, pencils, personal protective equipment)
  • Follow instructions established by faculty and management within designated shop areas to ensure your health and safety

Missed assignments, deadlines and tests

You should consult with your college instructor concerning missed class work, homework assignments, and/or tests that you may have missed. Failure to submit class work, homework assignments, lab work, or tests without prior authorization from the instructor could result in an “incomplete.”

An unauthorized absence from an exam could result in a mark of “0” which will be used to calculate the final mark. You should contact the college instructor and dual credit teacher as soon as possible if this should take place.

Attendance and punctuality

Regular attendance and punctuality at dual credit classes is essential for your overall success. Missing more than three dual credit classes will make it difficult to recover the college-level material and your overall success in dual credit will be at risk.

Practical courses require good attendance and being prepared each day to participate in the learning environment. College have attendance and punctuality requirements that are expected to be followed. Participation in classroom activities, discussions, and completing all work assignments are essential to ensure success in your dual credit program.

If you are aware of an upcoming absence, you are required to account for it. It is your responsibility to notify the college instructor and the dual credit teacher.

Participation in school sports, events, and social activities do not supersede academic expectations at the College.

Code of conduct

The Code of Conduct Policy can be found online or on myCambrian under the “Academic Policies” tab.

Textbooks and supplies

As a dual credit student, you are able to use textbooks, equipment and supplies during your course, free of charge. These items are available on a rental program and can be signed out during the second week. They are to be returned at the end of the course.

If you do not return items that were signed out you may not receive your secondary or postsecondary credit in a timely manner.

Course withdrawal

All attempts at completion of dual credit courses, both successful and unsuccessful, will be recorded on your Ontario Student Transcript (OST).

The College’s deadline for withdrawal without academic penalty will be observed (equivalent to “day ten”). If you withdraw after the college’s “day ten” deadline, a “W” is entered in the “Credit” column and the percentage grade at the time of withdrawal is not recorded in the “Percentage Grade” column on your OST. A course dropped after the academic deadline (approximately mid-way through the semester) will receive the grade earned to that point on your OST and normally an “F” on your College transcript. Please be mindful of those dates.

Snow days

If your secondary school has announced a snow day, you may still be required to attend your scheduled classes at Cambrian College.

  • If the City Transit system buses ARE RUNNING, the College is open. Check on myCambrian to see if the teacher has cancelled class. If there is no cancellation notice and your class is still scheduled for the day but you are unable to get to the College, contact your dual credit teacher or call the dual credit assistant at (705) 566-8101, extension 6809, to arrange a taxi.
  • If the City Transit system buses are NOT running, radio stations will be notified of the College being closed and it will also be posted on myCambrian.

Your safety is our first concern. Please use discretion when deciding to venture out on a snow day.


Taxi – Should you require taxi service, please connect with your co-op teacher or guidance counsellor if you are in the Rainbow District School Board. If you are from the Sudbury Catholic District School Board, please connect with the dual credit teacher.

  • You will be required to provide your name, the dual credit course you are enrolled in, pick-up and drop off locations and times, as well as a contact number.
  • It is your responsibility to contact Lockerby Taxi at least two hours in advance if you are cancelling a service for a particular day, otherwise a charge to the project will be incurred. They can be reached at (705) 522-2222.
  • If your transportation is with a different taxi service, follow a similar process as outlined above.

Bus – Bus tickets and/or passes (passes if in more than one dual credit) are also available by connecting with your co-op teacher or guidance counsellor if you are in the Rainbow District School Board. If you are from the Sudbury Catholic District School Board, please connect with the dual credit teacher.

Parking Passes – As a dual credit student, you can obtain a parking pass if you drive to and from the College for your class(es). A pass is only issued if you are not using taxis or buses.  You can sign up for a parking pass during dual credit orientation, and we will provide you a temporary pass for a few weeks, until parking services processes your permanent pass.  The temporary pass must be displayed on your dash.  Once you are issued a permanent pass, your license plate is recorded online, so a physical pass is not issued to you. You can communicate with the Dual Credit Assistant in room 2120 if you have any questions about the parking pass.

  • If you are from Lasalle Secondary School, please park at your school and walk to the College. You will not be provided with a parking pass.
  • We do not pay for mileage if you take your own vehicle, as bus tickets and/or passes are available
  • You can park in any of the burgundy parking lots across the campus. Gold passes are not provided.  If you get a parking ticket for parking in Gold, you are responsible for paying for it.

Emergency Procedure

As well as being included in your orientation package, emergency procedures can be found in each classroom near the exit or on the Cambrian College website.